Pure Fresh Drinking Water All The Time!!!

Bob Greenbaum founded Pure Beverage Systems in early 2004 with
the idea of a better, healthier and green, environmental way to provide
pure drinking water to businesses throughout New England. Seventeen
years later Bob and his employees are still providing pure, drinking
water systems to Offices Hospitals, Hotels, Nursing Homes, Colleges,
Schools and Institutions located throughout New England.
What sets Pure Beverage Water Systems apart from other companies is
exceptional customer service and in-tank sanitization eliminates
bacteria while adding back more than 20 minerals and electrolytes for
superior, health, hydration and energy. Touch-Free Dispense options for
added safety are available.

Bottled water companies and companies that provide single or dual
composite filters remove some of the dissolved solids and contaminants
found in municipal drinking water systems, but very few provide any
vehicle for eliminating bacteria and bio-film growth once the water is
filtered. These systems remove chlorine for taste but leave the tank
susceptible to air borne bacteria. Just think of an untreated swimming
pool after 24 or 48 hours. Additionally, people filling sports bottles from
the standard gravity fed machines (as most do) are transferring their
germs to the tank.